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Helpful services that allow you to safely get back in touch with all of you. Body, soul, and spirit.


Stress, anxiety, and other powerful feelings can really interrupt life. Talk therapy can help you have a safe space to discuss what's going on and start feeling better.

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Many of us live our lives feeling disconnected from our body or even as if our body isn't ours. For getting connected and finding calm, yoga therapy helps.

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Get connected in the moment to get more connected to you life and those you love. Meditation workshops help you discover how to meditate and incorporate it into your life.

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Hi, I'm Nadia


Psychotherapist . Yogi . Healer

I'm not a real therapist - this is a demo website template for Empathysites and the image here is a model for a stock photo.

That said, if this wasn't a demo, I might write a few sentence bio here and then link over to my full about page. That way, website visitors can get a sense of who I am and how I help.

Let's start. Read more about me and how I can help >

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